Can I Help?

Apr 28th, 2017

Can I Help? #ISEDLab – Yes You Can


A mental health & well-being serious game created by #ISEDLab.

Launch May 3, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.

C-3, East Tower, 235 Queen Street, Ottawa, Canada.

A 12 month odyssey of design, development & redesign in #ISEDLab begins.

We asked:

“Can and should we design a mental health game in Canada’s public service?”

The answer:

“Yes, we can.”

With thoughtfulness, expertise, kindness, experience, empathy integrating user experience across 200+ public servants beta testing prototypes to see if it works.

The result?

The first sophisticated, smart & challenging prototype failed.

Mechanically too complicated.

What to do?

Keep the content & re-design game mechanics.

The result?

The second prototype soars.

Sophisticated, smart & challenging, but now simply engaging.

#ISEDLab disrupts public service to improve public service for Canadians, including the public servant experience.

Check out #CanIHelp?

Available in PDF format for sharing across Canada and in your world.

#ISEDLab understands it takes a village to change the mental health & well-being conversation in public service.

One person, one story at a time.


vision | voice | visuals mine

PS – Shout out to #ISEDLab game team — game designer Tabatha Soltay, communications lead Kayla Schultz, artist in residence JP Veilleux, graphic artist Kat Kavanagh, operations manager Sylvie Beaudoin. Thanks to the entire ISED Lab team including Mary Moreland, Daniel Buckles, Donovan Vernon, Margy Vile and Raza Moghal for support. Appreciate other ISED voices who helped shape this experience. And special thanks to Shereen Benzvy-Miller who said yes.