The Art of Blockchain

Apr 27th, 2017

Its simple.

Blockchain technology removes ‘agency’ for artists (or creators) across any discipline.

If you are an artist, dealing with an agent – a gallery, studio or a photo agency – this tech can rock your world.

Blockchain rids you of the intermediary cost — the agent or gallery — who typically takes a cut of your sales.

Today, you don’t need an agent to sell art. Now you can showcase your art on your own digital website to the world and sell directly to people who like your work.

But if you are in the gallery or agency space, a specifically designed Blockchain can remove your gallery or agency from the transaction of a sale. Thereby liberating profits that you can reinvest in you – to create more interesting, provocative and challenging work others will want to buy and experience.

As a professional documentary photographer, here’s my perspective.

On March 22, 2017, The Tapscotts published an article in Harvard Business Review telling us creatives how we can profit more from our work using Blockchain.

Here’s the guts of what they said.

What the Tapscott’s don’t tackle is the following:

Digital disruption is great — being the wild West of the new world.

Driving a blockchain value proposition for artists and society may even more greatly disrupt.

But sucking the creative integrity and soul of art doesn’t work for me.

Blockchain needs to meet me on my terms as a creative.

I need to design it to support me in creating value.

Derived from truth.

Its a brave new world.


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