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Feb 6th, 2017

So I challenged myself to identify 150 wishes beyond 150 for my nation.

Posted the first 15 in no particular order.

Here are the next 15 equally in no particular order.

(30 so far.)

  1. We revisit that 16 year old rant. “I Am Canadian” (even though its a beer commercial). Because for some obscure reason in Canada’s 150, it resonates even more today. Never heard it? Check it out: The Rant
  2. We re-imagine ourpolar opposites. Meaning those ideologically on different parts of the spectrum open their minds and hearts to listening to each other.
  3. We recognize many Canadians never quite gotThe Hip. But they did the summer of 2016. And that connection brought us closer together. Let’s remember the feeling.
  4. We protect our integrity. Its that simple. Today, and tomorrow.
  5. We appoint Lorne Michaels as Canada’s next Governor General for impacting global culturethrough Canadian humour, sensibility and total chutzpah one skit at a time.
  6. We find a way to nurture and support young kids referring hockey by figuring out a way to neuter parents who are jumping the boards. Not sure if that analogy works, but the situation is dire across our nation.
  7. We accept humans into our country who seeksolace, refuge and a desireto build a better world.
  8. We give Tishynah Buffalo, and other talented Aboriginal designers, prime retail space at the Bay on Yonge Street and across Canada, because she will be a global fashion leader. Promoting understanding, one bead at a time.
  9. We are grateful to Alan Thicke for never giving up his Canadian citizenship living in America. And we thank him for fostering his Canadian-ness throughout his life. From a University of Western Ontario graduate & frat member, to supporting, & playing hockey all his life, while creating music and art and justnever forgettingwhere he came from.
  10. We embrace talent wanting to innovate on Canadian technology platforms & companies from Shopify, to Slack, to Maker Bloks. Regardless of where you were born. We just want your minds, souls & creativity because we give you a space to thrive.
  11. We give children, regardless which province or board of education they are attached to, the chance to imagine their dreams. In the language of their choice.
  12. We figure out a way to tap into the multicultural dynamic of our country – especially the diversity of languagesfrom around the world, the understanding of cultural nuances and the smarts of bringing people together to grow business, the economy and our culture.
  13. We find a successorto Peter Mansbridge (oops – Moosebridge) for CBC’s 22nd Century. To compete against VICE – another Canadian invention.
  14. We give every mother in Canada a free day pass to do whatever she wants. Because our GDP depends on it.
  15. Value tests are not Canadian. And neither are Canadian value tests.

More to come.


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