2017 | ses·qui·cen·ten·ni·al Canada (1)

Jan 5th, 2017


Canada’s 2017.

Likely to be a raucous, glorious, joyful yearlong party in the Nation’s Capital, around the country and across the world were Canadians reside, play, visit & impact.

Which got me thinking.

Let’s keep the party going beyond 150.

I challenge myself to identify 150 wishes beyond 150 for my nation.

Check out my first 15 wishes in no particular order…

  1. We bring more Canada to the world.
  2. We bring more world to Canada.
  3. We re-imagine our federation – to see ourselves as a whole, not a sum of disparate parts.
  4. We help the Toronto Maple Leafs figure out how to win a Stanley Cup.
  5. We acknowledge our natural resources are inextricably linked to our personal and national health, and to deny this will harm collective and global health now and into the future.
  6. We understand that the CBC needs to continuously redesign itself so as to resonate and be real for all Canadians, regardless of where they reside or their age.
  7. We encourage every hockey player, speed skater and recreational skater to try figure skating, and we encourage every figure skater to try hockey, speed skating and recreational skating because the more diverse skills you bring to the table, the more innovative a nation can be.
  8. We continue to speak out for the disenfranchised at home and abroad.
  9. We don’t just speak about the disenfranchised at home and abroad, we do something about it – individually as Canadians, and collectively as a country.
  10. We get rid of internal barriers to trade so we can drink each other’s beer and wine regardless of where we live in this country.
  11. We find a way to talk to each other regularly without filters, but respectfully, regardless of where we live.
  12. We figure out a way to package Penny Oleksiak’s unbridled competitive spirit and joy and share & teach it to every Canadian child who wants to compete in their own space.
  13. We protect, help & nurture Canadian artists like Annie Pootoogook to not just survive, but thrive, shine and sparkle in our national and global psyche.
  14. We make sure children needing life changing drugs to mitigate and/or manage their conditions are available to them as they grow, transition and move to university or work environments without interruption or question.
  15. We give every Canadian a free pass to experience their country – parks, museums, cities, villages, beaches, etc. – their own way.

More to come.

I’m going to have fun.

Join me.


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