September 15, 2016

Sep 15th, 2016

Shauna Levy & Design Exchange are Canadian design visionaries.

Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and just plain smart.

So is Aaron James Draplin.

An American designer who loves Canada.

At his core.

Check out what he says:

“We love Canada.

And this lust started long ago, with family trips across the border into Windsor, Sault St. Marie or Sarnia.

And you’d be in a whole ‘nother world.

The candy got weirder.

Everything was accompanied by a French translation.

G.I. Joe guys suddenly came in weird colors, unlike their counterparts in the states.

And it was awesome.

This is what I remember.

And as I grew older, it was hard not to hate the place.

Only because we’d always get fucked with at the borders.

Angry, bored, mean-spirited border agents would take great pleasure in ripping apart our cars, grilling the ugliest of us and hell, even one time standing in front of me with his hand on his gun holster, going so far as to unsnap the little snap thingie hold the gun in.

Big tough guy, eh?


Another numbnuts cop who didn’t have anything on us.

Wasted time.

And then I grew into a man.

Which is debatable, but, as a designer, I noticed all the beautiful governmental graphics, provincial signage and a general beautiful sense of clear, smart Canadian design.

loved Canada for this.

And John Candy.

Thank you, Canada.

This is our ode to you! …

There was just much good stuff up there.

Thank you!”

Started this post in May 2015.

Finishing it now.

Because design matters at home & abroad.

Canada can be weird.

But authentic.

The next 53 days will unfold.


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