day one hundred & forty seven

Mar 8th, 2014

So the world has changed.

Or has it, really?

From peaceful protests in Ukraine, to the Sochi Olympics, to the dismissal of Victor Yanukovych as President, to the uprising in Thailand, then the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including Crimea, to the riots in Venezuela, the globe feels different.

My social media has been plastered with postings of content in multiple languages from numerous sources.

My observation is that truth and propaganda, often need various translation – linguistic and political – to decipher what is real or not.

It has become a continual search for authenticity – not just on social media, but everywhere.

In the midst of all this news, opinion, viewpoint and disbelief, are the sights and sounds of change.

New Internet media like birthed in the midst of a revolution and using modern technology of social media to broadcast in real-time the real truth.

The impact of this has been to bring the sounds and struggle of a people’s revolution into the boardrooms, bedroom, cars, pubs, and any other place where a mobile device can carry a signal immediately and, frankly, without filters.

So we hear real-time speeches, prayers, political leaders grappling with collaboration Tymoshenko & Maidan, The People’s Voice, pop stars singing the national anthem Ruslana – 2013 New Year’s Eve Maidan and imploring for calm while protesters are attacked with snipers, bats, clubs until they could stand it no more, and ultimately the mournful, Byzantine chords of funeral rites as open caskets are displayed for the global audience and the local people, especially in the flesh on the Maidan, to see their dead Maidan Rites.

We’ve also seen and heard those Youtube videos capturing real life snipers, on the streets of Kyiv and elsewhere, and the extravaganza that was a presidential palace VICE – Revolution from Ukraine: Dispatch from the Presidential Palace rife with gold and crystal and wet financial documents detailing bribes and business transactions fit for a plutocrat Yanukovychleaks, to the likely stolen icons from Ukraine’s museums and galleries beautifying the home of the country’s senior prosecutor Pshonka’s Art & Icons.

Videos mediated through the eyes of Babylon’13 – Cinema of a Civil Protest on the ground telling profoundly human stories seen through the eyes of artists (and finally given mainstream media acknowledgment through Anderson Cooper’s AC360 on CNN this past week).

Videos created by everyday people supporting Ukrainians from the diaspora, like Canada’s Olenka Reshitnyk “Ukraine We Support You” (Ukrainian) “Ukraine We Support You” (English) with the song “Summer 78” by Yann Tiersen of the film score “Goodbye Lenin!” as the backdrop.

Or videos imploring the world to help Ukraine such as “STOP PUTIN NOW” from Ivan Primachenko & Khrystyna Gladka, of Ukrainian university students speaking coherently, logically and simply about their desire for a better, saner world.

Then there are the still images.

A medieval world where smoke, dust, fire, colander helmets, shields of wood, hockey elbow and shin pads, bricks and flowers confront well-armed, uniformly dressed 21st century para-military police forces and thugs paid by someone to do something.

A panoramic aerial view of the Maidan before and after the struggle.

A priest holding a shield in one hand, a cross in the other while standing on a barricade, smoke drifting behind him.

A piano player playing Chopin on a blue and yellow upright piano before a wall of riot police.

And always, the image or colours of the flag.

In the Nation’s Capital, Ukrainian Canadians, political leaders, members of the Ottawa community and people of every multicultural stripe have shown their support for the rule of law, justice and human rights.

Check out Canada’s Maidan in the Nation’s Capital.

The Hill – Parliament Hill Protest – January 29, 2014

The Rookie – Chrystia Freeland, Member of Parliament in her inaugural week, addresses Parliament Hill Protest – January 29, 2014

The Ukrainian Embassy– Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Vadym Prystaiko addresses Protesters – January 29, 2014

The Memorial– In front of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada – March 1, 2014

The Russian Embassy – Protest – March 1, 2014

The American Embassy – Protest – March 1, 2014

The American Embassy, again – Protest – March 2, 2014

The British High Commission – Protest – March 2, 2014

Please share.

The world has shifted.

PS – As I just checked my Facebook wall tonite, there are postings of journalists being beaten and threatened by someone under some orders Amnesty International. Another wedge in free speech, democracy and rule of law to think about.