day one hundred & forty-six

Feb 21st, 2014

What to say?

What not to say?

As the days unfolded over the last three months, my Facebook account and email have been increasingly deluged with information and images from and about Ukraine.

Unbelievable images evoking a medieval war, complete with crosses, metal shields, bricks, smoke and even a home-made catapult.

Incredible images of cultural civility among the barricades and in front of the military, interior police and thugs.

Horrific images of blood soaked faces, charcoal stained cheeks and the pale skin of the dead.

Still images that make one think.

But the only real video I’ve watched is a stunning series of documentary shorts on Youtube by Ukrainian and other documentary film-makers on the ground in Ukraine.

Worth a look.

Babylon’13 – Cinema of Civil Protest