day one hundred & forty-two

Nov 29th, 2013

Its been awhile.

But I’m back again from the digital precipice.

Lots to talk about, share and show.

My biggest challenge is where to start.

With the Rogers blockbuster deal with the NHL to secure its profitable digital future, potentially sidelining the ageless Don Cherry?

The concussion lawsuit against the NHL?

Or the Battle of the Blades finale where Mathieu Dandenault stood in front of the camera live across the nation declaring figure skaters are tough athletes and every hockey player should try to do what they do?

In between Ottawa Senatorial (not the team necessarily) politics, the politics of hockey in general, or the political deviations of the Government of Ukraine and the European Union, its been quite the season so far.

Just starting, apparently, since the shooting rink came alive today.

Its minus 25 in the Nation’s Capital.

And its not even December.

Stay tuned.

I’m finally back.