day one hundred & forty

May 13th, 2013

Its been awhile.

So, today was interesting.

Leafs lost, despite a tough Game 7 against Boston, actually fought without the stupidity of fighting (aka Phaneuf).

Good effort, according to the consensus in the house.

And today, Derek Boogaard’s family filed a wrongeful death lawsuit against the NHL.

Suing the league for brain damage her son suffered playing the game and for his addiction to prescription painkillers.

Actually, after listening to CBC tonite, it was based on the lack of the NHL’s ability to ‘care’ for their son.

Apparently who suffered multiple concussions, went on pain medication and was monitered for drug abuse by the NHL.

And apparently he was ‘taken care of’.

Yup. Into the grave as a 28 year old.

And the 12 year old continued his try-outs for the Senators AAA team tonite.

So I gravitated between the practice/try-out/whatever it is because its not clear (I still think its a money grab…).

Watched the Leaf’s goalie get upended by a Boston player.

Ran into the rink to see the 12 year old do defensive drills.

He danced around the opponent.

And then the coach yelled, “Hit him”.

Just who the hell is this guy?

Instead of showing drills that teach the kids how to move, yells “Hit him”.

“What the hell is this about?”

My kid shows skill and intelligence.

He’s smart.

And why does this sport need to be dumbed down.


I have not been online for a long time.

I’m back.

Watch for a mother’s wrath.

And the common sense of what it means to play real hockey.

Because this is the beginning of a revolution.

And Boogaard is just the beginning, rest his soul.