day one hundred & thirty seven

Apr 3rd, 2013

Its been awhile.

From Crosby’s jaw, to Gordie Howe’s alzheimer’s, to Team Canada versus Switzerland at the Sensplex (West).

Hockey has changed itself from gender, to physical impact to the mental affects of a life of hockey.

In my house, we are done.

No more competitive hockey for two kids.

No more house A for another kid.

No more Timbits for the littlest one.

Instead, we are figuring out life.

Its baseball season, despite the wintery weather, the snow flakes and the snow banks.

Its also finding Pokeman, never mind Conservatory piano, nor the effects of making pysanky – Ukrainian easter eggs – for Ukrainian easter next month.

What does this mean?

It means having a voice that is clear, compelling and consistent.

Based on family.

I just wish that Crosby finds a home in the NHL that isn’t based on hurt.

He is a role model, a man-child that needs to find himself in how own space.

An Olympian, a Canadian and a Nova Scotian who has made an impact.

What does this mean for my family?

Nothing and everything.

Because having meaning makes the difference wherever and whenever you are.

So Happy Birthday Bobby Orr.

And Happy Birthday Gordie Howe.

And remember to all those players in the NHL and beyond.

Life begins with family and community.

And the NHL is just a derivative of life.