day one hundred + fourteen

Dec 7th, 2012

Its almost mid-December in the Nation’s Capital.

Meaning, the snow should be flying.

But it ain’t.

Instead, the crickets are hopping.

Right through my office.

Someone escaped from the ЖАБА (frog) holdings tonite.

And ended up near the chess set while I was fixing images.

Then all hell broke loose.

The soon to be 8 year old screamed, the 5 year old announced its presence at the top of his lungs, the 12 year old scratched his head and the 14 year old ‘owner’ told everyone to chill out.

Frankly, something moving in my office not human – near my newly refurbished computer – is unnerving.

Especially when its minus 2 outside.

But I’m lucky.

Because moving is good, considering what the NHL is doing these days.

And the fact that my kids don’t really care anymore.


While the Тато’s hockey conversation focuses on tactics, skills, ability and other strategic issues on one or more Rangers or Competitive TimBits teams.

I wonder if its the same between Crosby, et al and Bettman & company, including Lemieux and others, at the Big Show.

Seems to me, whether its crickets or hockey, its the owners that matter.

Maybe the frog has it right.

Just cage the crickets and hold the owners accountable.

An interesting business model.