day one hundred + thirteen

Dec 6th, 2012


Its official.

The NHL doesn’t resonate any more in my house.

Its all about the World Juniors.

Big ice, young players, Canadian born and bred.

And playing for your country.

And your parent’s mortgage.

Interestingly, something is right about this and matters.

Bettman (who never played real hockey), the Players Union (some of whom who may have played hockey but nothing else) and everyone else in between in this business do not get it.

Profits come from people.

And if you lose the people, you are dead.

But maybe my little family has got it right.

The AA kid wants to be a dentist – a specialist, an or-tho-don-tist.

Who wants to play in the NHL for 12 years.

When he finishes playing, he then wants to be the dentist of choice.

Not just for his former team.

But for every team in the NHL.

Big dreams, big goals.

How ironic and relevant.

Because being a healthcare professional enables him to help his former teammates and other players eat and look good.

Interestingly, the AA’s orthodontist agrees.

Even offering a future letter of reference to dental school.

And, possibly, taking over his practice.

My child is 12.



Bet on my child, not on Bettman.