day one hundred + twelve

Dec 4th, 2012

I tweeted this out today.

Because it related to me professionally and personally at the same time.

How does this happen?

The Ukrainian government negotiates over a year with two Spanish companies — Gas Natural Fenosa and Enagas – to build a Liquified Natural Gas Plan (LNG) off the coast of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko were on hand to witness the deal.

But apparently the Spanish negotiator didn’t belong, wasn’t affiliated, nor recognized by the Spanish companies.

Looks like he was an imposter.

Am I naive or what?

In my world, the first rule of negotiation is “know thy partner”.

Followed by the second rule, “ensure they are real and legitimate”.

Followed by the third rule, “if not, then go home.”

After the big Ukrainian election observer mission from Canada and beyond this past October, it strikes me that Ukraine’s situation is sad, and getting sadder.

Democracy struggles along in Ukraine, Egypt and Canada.

Apparently, its a matter of degrees of freedom and separation.

While Putin tries to position himself as the “Euroasian Leader”.

Basically rebranding the old Soviet Union.

Using natural gas to extract tribute.

Too bad few are paying attention.

Or, as someone recently said to me, “this is what happens in a 3rd world country“.

Which makes the resignation of the entire Government of Ukraine 4 hours ago even more interesting.

Democratic entertainment at its social best.