day one hundred + ten

Dec 2nd, 2012

I love Roy MacGregor.

His writing is great.

Especially the Screech Owls series which my kids devour.

(By the way, we are anxiously waiting a Screech Owls concussion book and are willing to self-publish it to make it relevant.)

But his ideas are even more poignant.

So yesterday it made me chuckle when the Globe ran a column called “Our Game: High price, fewer players“.

Music (competitive piano for the AA player) to my ears with 4 kids playing variations of competitive and house hockey.

Apparently the average hockey family spends $1500 per kid a year to be in the game.

Maybe for house league.

Not competitive.

Multiply that by 3 for competitive.

So in my house, the cost is: 2X2 house @ $1500 = $3000.

And 2X2 competitive @ $4500 = $9000.

Total = $12,000 minimum.

The numbers are right – plus or plus 15 percent.

Murray Costello, retired President of Hockey Canada and a South Porcupine native and former NHL player says that ‘we are an elite sport’.


Elite conjures images of soon to be professional or Olympic calibre athletes.

Not necessarily true.

Costello talks about hand me downs in his formative years.

And he says they should go back to the ‘significantly less expensive wooden sticks’.

“I’m not even sure anyone out there is still manufacturing wooden sticks.”

Yeah, boys.

Tell me about wooden hockey sticks and Canada.

Roy MacGregor and Murray Costello – you should check out “The Last Wooden Hockey Stick Made in Canada

Then tell me what you really think.

Because you are really out of touch with Canada’s game today.

Your romantic, traditional and early 20th century vision of the game and this country is dead.