day one hundred + eight

Nov 27th, 2012

Spent the weekend in Guelph at a hockey tournament with the novice 7 year old.

The baby of the team.

According to “The Outliers”, which dissects birth date and order and ranks it against success in professional sports, hockey specifically, his odds of success are really low.

But my little December baby nearly got a goal on an empty net.

Fabulous attempt for a kid who has never scored in his short but prolific minor hockey career.

Apparently, the net was off its moorings and therefore not legal.

In between this stuff, I’m trying to get my bearings.

From hockey and fundraising schedules, competitive music (yes that does exist), church, work, executor duties, upcoming St. Nicholas and Christmas festivities, more birthdays and just living, it can be tough to take a breath.

Its amazed me to connect with people coming out of the woodwork in the last few weeks of my crazy life.

My sister’s high school friends from near and afar.

Our Sudbury neighbours, the boys we grew up with and who moved away and lost touch and found me.

My mother’s dear friends whose hug and kind words just made me feel at home.

And a work colleague whose handwritten card, in the midst of a high pressure, high profile career, made me cry.

This journey called life isn’t easy.

But I am learning that one step, one day and a single accomplishment – like buying your child a geometry set – makes it better.

Tomorrow will be different.