day one hundred + five, again, again, & again

Nov 19th, 2012

A hairline fracture.

Now, I am really back.

Its hockey nite in my house.

Forget the NHL lock-out or lock-up.

The AA kid has potentially a hairline fracture in the left pinky.

Not impacting the writing or piano playing hand.

Seriously, I’ll take this over a concussion.

Given the hell we’ve been through over the head injury.

So, people, you NHL, Minor Hockey in Canada, et al association types.

Let’s get smart.

And get rid of hitting as a component of the sport.

Insert thinking, creativity and skating.

Throw in geometry and gaming and you may actually improve the sport.

But I digress.

The drywall splint wasn’t a big hit for the 12 year old.

But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is realizing that volleyball belongs in the mix of growing up.

That one-handed competitive piano can still be developmental.

And that hockey needs to grow up.