day one hundred + five, again, again, again, & again

Nov 19th, 2012

Just spent 4 days at GTEC.

The Canadian Federal Government Technology Exhibition & Conference 2012.

Interesting, but not provocative enough for me.

BMO & former Clerk of the Privy Council, Kevin Lynch delivered a derivative of his productivity speech.

Relevant, insightful, sort of.

But didn’t mention the impact of ‘socializing’ the business of government as a transformational impact on productivity.

Afterward, a Deloitte talking head dissected why productivity and Canadian SMEs (small medium enterprises) don’t grow, but get bought up.

He said maybe its because we aren’t creative enough – merging the arts and the sciences/businesses in education.

Really, really?

Come to my house where that argument has been put on the table for years.

(As part of Take Your Child to Work Today, Child #1 who runs his own on-line business went to the GTEC event and was intrigued. He now wants an arts degree + and MBA to help save Canada’s future.)

And Dr. Bernie Meyerson, IBM Innovation VP – of the Bronx & Hurricane Sandy survivor – talked about data and the future.

He bluntly said that Canada’s health care records, across the country, are an amazing repository for knowledge and worthy of investment by IBM – a private company – into a public resource.

Big data, big results.

The message was simple.

Canada has an amazing chance to leap-frog into the 22nd century.

Forget about web and workplace 2.0.

Its 3.0.




Connected in ways that are unimaginable.

Everything goes back to жаба.