Beyond public service digital vulnerability…

Oct 28th, 2015

Still thinking about McKinsey’s 5 step process.

(Remember – the questions help to determine whether a CDO – Chief Digital Officer – is necessary for the public service..)

Question #2.  “Is my company (aka public service) ready to move beyond basic digital experiments & embark on a fundamental & integrated transformation of the (aka public service) business?”

Talk about a loadedcomplex & compelling question.

There are spurtsstarts and experiments at the federal level.

From a game pioneered by Natural Resources Canada, to ideas about service design thinking and re-imaging service to Canadian business at Industry Canada in a groovy student retail space overlooking the highest pedestrian traffic intersection in the Nation’s Capital, to the desire of many, many public servants who want the chance to unleashtheir talent – in all its shapes and forms – across all departments in every region in this great nation.

So yeah.  I think my company is ready to move beyond basic digital experiments.

Its willing to transform the business of public service – its scientific, applied & social science research, coupled with those parts that help decision makers in the public service & Parliament make informed decisions – into digital.

Merging digital & the human.

And wanting to connect, collaborate & create in that unique Canadian space.

Especially for 2017.

Looks like I hit McKinsey question #3 as well – double header, if you like, just as the Jays.

Because I think my public service “company” is ready to signal its digital transformation efforts to audiences both internal & external.

Stay tuned for Question #4.


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