Vulnerability in public service….

Oct 5th, 2015

Re-imagining McKinsey’s September 2015 article “Transformer in Chief:  the new chief digital officer”.

For public service.

McKinsey asks 5 questions to diagnose if a CDO is needed.

Question 1 – Is the marketplace where I compete undergoing – or vulnerable to – significant changes that are reshaping value?

Need to define marketplace.  Then deal with changes impacting value.  Then talkabout what it means.

First, the public service marketplace is vertically integrated. From village, to town, city, region, province/territory, and the federal (aka national) level. Sort of a public good supply chain more or less.  Meaning its impact impacts the country.

Second, the digital change affecting the public good value is wide-sweeping & deep.  Its driven by the incessant pace of technological change that assaults the definition, communication, and implementation of the public good by virtue of  new imperatives demanding authenticity & real-time response/resolution in a social collaborative space.   Clearly, the public service marketplace is vulnerable primarily due to its ability to pivot in a timely & responsive way.

Third, the public service value proposition should be fundamentally rethought from the outside-in  (aka design thinking) & the inside-out (aka design thinking) if it is to be relevant.

Public service is the new ‘sandwich‘ generation.’

Stay tuned for question 2.


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