Why my sons will never be public servants…

Jun 15th, 2015

Harsh words, eh?

But necessary.

Because they see my journey and that of my spouse.

Who left the federal public service years ago.

My sons are smart in different ways.

Number two gets numbers, is a technician and strives for perfection.

Kind of fits into the modern public service profile that has yet to be defined – data analytics to drive results that resonate.

Except there is no space for him in the system because the system doesn’t understand the new world.

Number one gets ideas, is verbal and can argue his way out of a paper bag.

He laments the government’s lack of ability to capture the value inherent in talented Canadian immigrants.

For a visionary, there is limited space for number one in the policy system.

But there are two more under 10 years old figuring it out.

So how do you grow the next cadre of public servants?


Let’s start that conversation.


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