The “A” word: Authenticity

Apr 24th, 2015

Its the “A” word.


Had a great chat with a Ukrainian friend from Sudbury, Ontario this afternoon about the digital world.  She’s a professor in political science in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Smart,sophisticated and socially conscious.

But not on any social platform.


It doesn’t do anything for me, she says.  Don’t need a job.  Don’t need to network because she’s there.  Don’t need the added work.

Got me thinking.  Today, digital connections are an asset.  But they are only an asset if you treat them as such.

Meaning to protect, grow and expand them on your own terms, in your own space.

But at a price you are willing to pay.

In 2015, a digital asset depends on your knowledge, desire to grow your brand awareness and your authenticity.

She asked why bother?  I said, if you aren’t playing in the space, then you are missing your potential.

Authenticity in a digital age demands clarity, curation & cohesion.

Are you willing to play?


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